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Why Choose UltraVisit?

UltraVisit’s user-friendly platform is expertly designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, and increased patient satisfaction. With our state-of-the-art features, your patients can schedule their own appointments in seconds, and you can ensure that they get the most out of their telemedicine visits without having to worry about the technicalities. The height of convenience, you can use UltraVisit to connect with your patients via your computer or phone with options to share your screen, create voice memos, and add multiple participants for group visits. With these smart tools at your fingertips, you can be sure that your patients will receive the best possible care in just one click!

Connectivity is Key

Our platform is built with connectivity in mind. When you use UltraVisit’s powerful platform to streamline your practice, you can be sure that your patients will be more likely to stay connected with their care. With our user-friendly interface, your patients can easily schedule their own appointments and view their upcoming visits. Our pre-appointment reminder function is built to reduce missed scheduling appointments and minimize late cancellations. Create a branded experience by selecting the background of your choice and exchange data, pictures and documents with your patients with ease. Connect with your patients on multiple levels with the ability to send voice notes and typed notes during your virtual consult and, in the case that your audio is limited, our live chat function guarantees that you can still provide top-notch care.

Provide the Ultimate Scheduling Experience

UltraVisit allows multiple staff and patients users so that you can conduct group visits with ease and include your entire practice on the platform. With our live video streaming capabilities, you can provide care to multiple patients at the same time without compromising quality. Our interactive waiting room feature also allows you to provide share images, videos, and educational materials while your patients wait for their virtual scheduling visit.

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Our Advantages

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No Better Time Than NOW

Easy connectivity, Sharing screens, allowing to discuss lab reports and imaging, multiple participants during the call, easy scheduling system, visit link can be sent to e-mail or by text, depending on the commodity of you and your patients, you will be able to select different backgrounds, in order for you to bring professionalism into your tele visit, you will be able to do voice notes as well as typed notes and in case audio might be limited we have built a chat that will allow you to communicate with your patients, exchange data, pictures and documents.

Patient text messages and email alerts; multiple staff and patients’ users and interactive waiting room, where you can simply download images or videos so it can play in your interactive waiting room while your patients are waiting for you

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