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Ultravisit is a Telemedicine platform that will allow you to see your provider at your own comfort. Our idea started on 2020, when Mr. Henry Wolfe and Dr. Misael Gonzalez saw the need for providers to see patients, on a remote basis, and provide the quality of care their patients needed. Our desire was to build a platform easy to use, without complicated steps that was user friendly to our clients.

Today, Ultravisit is a tool for healthcare providers to add quality of care to their patient and deliver it with excellence. The Ultra in our name is not just a name, is our mission: to deliver a tele-visit with the best quality and with EXCELLENCE!!!

OUR Mission & Vision

Ultravisit: Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the best telemedicine services through our platform. With easy connectivity, scheduling tools, multiple participants, meeting rooms and the ability to use progress notes reports. Ultravisit will allow healthcare providers to connect with their patients from any place at any time, delivering the best quality of care with excellence.

Ultravisit: Our Goal

To outreach those in need, eliminating all barriers regardless of their location and provide the best quality of care they deserve.
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Our Team

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Henry Wolfe


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Dr. Misael Gonzalez


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UltraVisit is the premier solution to providing outstanding quality telemedicine consults for your patients!
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